Analytical Credit Datasets

The Quidgest solution that supports the Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit) regulation is an intuitive and evolving reporting system that aggregates granular credit exposure data from all financial institutions present in the Member States.

In this way, it is a database whose main objective is to store all the information related to all the credits granted by these same institutions in the Euro zone. The aim is to harmonize all the information collected by allowing it to be used for future economic and financial measures taken by the ECB or by the central banks of the Member States, as well as to help improve the supervision and regulation of the banking sector.

“Quidgest’s AnaCredit allows respond to the regulation Analytical Credit Dataset of the European Central Bank, converging distinct and disperse information, creating the regulatory report AnaCredit”


Solution that encompasses AnaCredit but also all EBA regulatory reports

Solution that responds fully to the Portuguese and international legislation

Flexibility in defining the reporting framework

Rapid implementation

Intuitive interface



In order to further boost the Single Supervisory Mechanism, the ECB intended to bring together a central register of granular data relating to credit exposure of all lending institutions present in Member States. (…)



2011: AnaCredit project initiated by the ECB

December 2015: First model of AnaCredit regulation

18 May 2016: Adoption of Regulation (EU) 2016/867 of the ECB on the collection of granular data on credit and credit risk;  (…)



Banking Regulatory Reporting

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