BRR – Banking Regulatory Reporting

Quidgest’s solution for the Management of Bank Regulatory Reports has as main objective to answer and to support the banking institutions in sending the information to report. The BRR – Banking Regulatory Reporting enables the migration of abstract customer data to the software structure that automatically responds to regulatory reporting including XBRL.

In addition to the country-specific reports, the system also responds to the standardization of banking and financial regulation resulting from Basel III, which made it necessary to implement reports with uniform requirements and definitions: through the Common Reporting guidelines (COREP), as well as a defined model for prudential information reporting and Financial Reporting (FINREP), and a defined template for reporting financial and accounting information.

“The BRR provides full support to the banking institutions in their legal obligations (COREP, FINREP, XBRL, etc.) allowing a reliable and timely reporting.”


Solution that responds fully to the Portuguese and international legislation

Access to fully detailed information through the drill-down

Strict correspondence between the data of the information system and the data of the reporting system

Report fields easily configurable, no need to re-install

Flexibility in defining the reporting framework

Instant upgrade when new reports are released



With the standardization of regulation, there was also a need to implement reports with uniform requirements and definitions through the Common Reporting Guidelines (COREP), (…)


The international financial crisis has exposed the weaknesses of the regulatory system of financial markets and demonstrated inefficiencies in risk management procedures in the financial sector. (…)



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