2011: AnaCredit project initiated by the ECB

December 2015: First model of AnaCredit regulation

18 May 2016: Adoption of Regulation (EU) 2016/867 of the ECB on the collection of granular data on credit and credit risk;

30 June 2017: First possible date for AnaCredit’s request to the national central banks of each Member State

31 March 2018: National banks transmit the first data to the ECB

September 30, 2018: First delivery of monthly and quarterly reports

Beginning in 2019: New mandatory information to be reported which may include the information of individual persons



Master Data: reported once, when the first disclosure is made

Other data: monthly, quarterly, or that have undergone some change referring to the last reference period


Examples of Instruments:



Credit card debts

Credit lines

Other loans

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