The era of digital transformation came to stay. Taking over as the new players, Fintech imposed new market rules, which led large financial institutions to rethink their entire business model.

Fintechs have also created new challenges for supervisors and for the existing regulation itself. In a scenario where regulatory complexity and change are constant, good regulatory risk management is the most important step for an organization that intends to comply with established standards.

At Quidgest we understand the great challenges that arise, both in the financial market and within the regulatory environment, such as significant regulatory developments or high compliance costs. We do not want you to be left behind, so we have prepared a number of agile solutions that simplify the entire regulatory process and ensure faster and more efficient processes and services.


  • Speed and flexibility in project implementation;
  • Continuous integration of national and international legislative changes;
  • Active participation of customers in the solution development process.
  • Reduced margin of error – the xtreme low code Genio platform, with built-in quality models, is responsible for 98% of the generated code;
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Quidgest acts, in the Banking sector, as a provider of tools that support banking and financial institutions in their legal reporting obligations.

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