Loan Management

Competing like an incumbent, acting like a startup

All industries are subject to abrupt changes, whether it’s legislation, changing interests on the target audience, or the emergence of new companies that revolutionize the consumer experience. In the case of the financial sector, Fintech, startups that use technology to improve financial and banking services, have completely revolutionized the paradigm of the area. We have moved from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach.

Quidgest’s solution aims to provide all institutions that can grant credits, subsidies, loans, and support with how a startup in the area operates – easy, convenient, and with less bureaucracy.

Modern, customer-centric experience

With the introduction of revolutionary Fintech startups in the market, customer experience (CX) and customer journey have become critical terms for companies that want to stay relevant and compete for new customer acquisition.

Even though digital channels are increasingly gaining importance in communicating with customers, they are not the only means of interaction. Studies show that most customers expect a consistent experience regardless of the channel used – mobile, desktop, phone, or face-to-face.
In this sense, it is fundamental that the customer journey is fluid and integrated across multiple channels with the possibility of quickly changing channels without the need to repeat information or slow down the execution of the process.

Currently, institutions operating in this area already have the necessary customer information to make these agile processes possible, either directly or indirectly (in the latter case, it is possible to collect customer information due to introducing the open banking concept).
On the other hand, market analysis and quick introduction of new products are also essential – another paradigm that Fintechs have come to change. Concepts such as Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence provide the technological basis for transforming data into institutions’ most important asset: in-depth knowledge of their customers.

QUIDGEST’s LOAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Attraction, Retention, and Agility

  • Quidgest’s Loan Management application was designed to streamline the loan concession process, decrease customer response times, reduce operational costs, and comply with current legislation.

  • The system allows you to automate and simplify the risk management cycle, allowing you to manage the process of granting credit and, at the same time, identify, quantify, monitor, and control the portfolio exposure.

  • Equip your institution with the technology that is revolutionizing the market. Attract and retain customers and streamline your processes with Loan Management from Quidgest.



    Flexibility and reduction in the introduction times of new products, as well as in the times involved in the credit analysis and approval processes.


    Centralization of the management of the credit analysis and approval process, avoiding duplication of efforts.


    Standardization of operations and automation of the credit analysis flow.


    Elimination of subjective criteria in the attribution of the client’s rating through the use of analytical models based on qualitative and quantitative information.


    Elimination of control of essential processes, currently done manually and with high operational and legal risk.


    Providing the customer with an integrated, coherent, and unique experience.


    Improved risk management.


    Validations of customer orders done automatically.

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