AnaCredit foresees that the institutions report a set of attributes referring to three different groups:

  • Attributes of debtors
  • Attributes of creditors
  • Attributes of the credit agreement


The most important requirement in AnaCredit for the obligation of disclosure to exist is a minimum value of € 25,000 of any instrument.

With more than 100 attributes ranging from credit data, including the type of collateral, origin or maturity, most of these are related to data that had never before been requested from the institutions for reporting purposes, grouped into different data sets:

  • Counterparty reference data
  • Instrument data
  • Financial data
  • Data on the counterparty-instrument combination
  • Data on joint and several liability
  • Accounting data
  • Protection received data
  • Data related to instrument-received protection combination
  • Counterparty risk data
  • Data relating to counterparty default
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