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    simuladores crédito

The age of digital transformation has given consumers the opportunity to have more products at ever-lower prices and in an increasingly accessible way. It has also given financial institutions the opportunity to improve their image with customers, improving their experience.

Quidgest’s solution for Simulators is a tool that aims to improve the relationship between financial institutions and their clients, as regards credit simulation.

With an easy-to-use interface, the Simulators solution uses a set of algorithms capable of performing, without margin of error, the operation of calculating a credit installment so that, in a few seconds, it is possible to know in detail the amount of each installment and the fees associated therewith.

The solution facilitates liquidity control and allows simulation of flows for any marketed product


Difficulty in attracting customers
Changes and market competitiveness
The existence of different types of fees makes the process of calculating installments confusing for customers


Definition of limits or “plafonds” per customer
Front end interface for credit / deposit simulation
Simulations of flows – backoffice
Flexible product configuration
Products Approval Workflow
Change history


Flexibility in implementing new conditions
Intuitive simulation interface
Tool flexibility
Information Traceability

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