• Model Management and Asset Valuation

    Gestão de Modelos e Avaliação de Ativos

Effective asset management, capable of evaluating financial models and instruments, enables institutions to implement better management of risk, with a constant analysis of different risk dimensions such as credit, market, operational, liquidity and business.

Quidgest’s solution for Model Management and Asset Valuation was designed to respond to the new challenges that arise with the increased complexity of client and asset portfolios.

With a credible evaluation model, the Model Management and Asset Valuation solution provides a set of models capable of evaluating any type of financial instrument or portfolios.

The Asset Valuation solution enables you to standardize the process and reduce asset valuation costs


Suitability of models
Dependence on the technological solution
Information Traceability
Various sources of information
Quality of data
Process subject to risk of human error
Organizational dependency of the evaluation officer


Alerts and notifications
Scheduling of evaluations
Approval of evaluation models
Limitation of the models to be used by the populations / instruments
Management of evaluation processes
Association of documents with evaluation processes
Flexible workflows
Modifications of information
Audit of changes
Different levels of access


Traceability of models, data and evaluations
Possibility of calibration of evaluations
Flexible workflows
Standardization of the Asset Valuation Process
Flexible ETL Process

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