• Management of Participations

Quidgest’s Management of Equity solution enables institutions to manage and control all of their holdings in different companies or institutions.

With an intuitive interface, the Participation Management solution presents a set of functionalities that will simplify the entire process of participation, including the management of entities and contracts or the possibility of scheduling daily events, for better management of tasks.

The Participation Management solution is the best tool for the entire organization of data regarding your institution’s holdings.

The usability and ability to meet all of our expectations was what led us to choose the Quidgest Management Solutions


Quantity and quality of data
Difficulty in the process of operations
Efficient management of securities data


Entity registration
Information management of securities held by entities
Registration of securities in guarantee
Calculation of information on direct and indirect holdings of entities
Management of information about entities with the operation and titles chosen
History of changes over time
Attachment of documents
Identify holdings held by an entity or group


Detail of all available information from customers, entities and titles
Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Complete data traceability and change audits

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